Hardware and Networking



Our relationship with HP, Acer, Adtran, Allworx allows us to provide professional solutions that exceed your needs.


HP servers and workstations are proven to help business to move ahead of the competition in this very competitive environment.  The servers running either Windows Server or Linux operating systems are fast and stable with one of the greatest warranties available.  The workstations are competitively priced and are easy to use and maintain with the same warranty.  HP provides one of the best network switches on the market.


Acer has been successful for years providing small servers and workstations we have had good success with them.  The laptops are proven to be easy to use and have good battery life. All Acer products have good warranties.


Adtran is a enterprise manufacture of routers, switches, great communication equipment.  Many of the national ISP’s use Adtran as their backbone infrastructure. We use Adtran for routers and high end networking equipment.


Allworx manufactures VOIP phone equipment from small office to 300 user multi-site environments.  The equipment is reliable and is easy to program with many feature’s not found in other systems of its class.  The Allworx warranty is multi year with software updates included.  The Allworx has a softphone that looks just like the desk phone on the cell phone.  We use Allworx to keep all our people connected across the United States very cost effectively.


Multitech Fax servers allow for automatic faxing from Windows, Linux, Macintosh, and faxes coming in are routed to email boxes or printers a needed.  This hardware reduces the cost of communications and improves productivity in personnel.

We office several other hardware and networking equipment please contact us for details.


Services we Provide:


Consulting – In facility design and layout.   Including hardware selection, implementation, roll out.  Also including accounting support and inventory control in distribution and manufacturing.


Installation of cabling including fiber.  Remote communications including MPLS, phone systems, computer hardware.  We have the equipment to certify and verify all cables from copper through fiber.  Our people are trained to perform these tasks quickly and professionally to allow business to move ahead.  We provide these service across the US and Canada.


Custom Programming where the needs are hand and glove fit for accounting or communications.  Our staff has many years of custom programming in all facets of business.  We would be glad to discuss your needs and see if we can help.


On going support for accounting, hardware, facility, phone systems.  We provide long term support as if you have a private full featured IT department at your disposal all the time for all your needs.